Pre-register for IMSC Soccer tryouts by following the directions below.

  • Online Registration is required for new and existing players because of the age cutoff changes.
  • Boys tryouts are April 30th & May 2nd.  Girls tryouts are May 1st & 3rd.
  • Tryout times are broken down by birth year (either 5:30-7:00pm OR 7:00-8:30pm).  See HOME page for start times/breakdown.
  • 3 Lions Soccer trained coordinators will assist to conduct a fair evaluation process for all.
  • If you are on an existing IMSC team, we ask that you not wear IMSC apparel to provide a positive and unbiased environment for all players attending.
  • We request that players attend both days to get the best possible evaluation for all.
  • Goto
  • Login and click “My Account” to register or click on the Register Button at the top of the page if you are new to the site.
  • Select or add a participant, then select “2018-2019 IMSC Soccer Tryout Pre-Registration” from the list after entering the players information.
  • Follow the instructions and checkout.  Since the cost is $0 (zero) dollars, you won’t have to enter credit card information
  • Any issues with the registration site, please email

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